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Sunxuemei пока не определено
По умолчанию I really do get annoyed how much we are catered to by updates

Runescape to RuneScape gold me is almost always a repeated cycle of"ill be able to get so much fun once I complete this 200 hour grind of X" Get to"x", find it super underwhelming and quit for 3 weeks. Both back in the afternoon and I put a goal helps with burnout. I have not logged in for a few days and powered back up to 100 combat. Did the exact same thing when I first came back and hit at 88 fletching. Once I max quests and receive 70 all that I likely will wind up quitting though, or enjoying quite sparingly. But for a lot of Runescape there's enough going on until you hit higher levels.

Basically occurred on my main with me. Began feeling like the time commitment was past 70s, even 60s for a few skills. I had a burst progressing up things to that point, and even grinded a 99 (wc) only for the experience of it. I thought the mill to 65 att and def, then str (somehow thought I needed def instead of str to get into the warrior guild) was a long grind and that I was only going from 60. Then I recognized my grind was tame and grinded out 70s. Then got 80s and believed that the 70 grind was tame. For me the grind that is current feels like the previous one. I am already half way to 91 and only recently got 90 farming.

Some skills I really do hate. Fletching is so my Tears of Guthix go to RC and that I train it. In addition, I hate thieving. RC is poor and agility is fine, getting close to 70 in it. You are going about this all of the wrong way dude. You simply can't compare yourself to others in a match like this. If people wish to act as though they're better than you, simply because they play more hours, then that's sad for them but don't let it influence your own mentality. Simply play how you want to perform and achieve things which are realistic and fun for you. I acknowledge this game does have elitism difficulties and it's probably why I never truly appreciated clan chats, but I still enjoyed playing and hitting my own objectives.

Moreover, you have to pay for membership, so I never bought a bond. So I can afford to play games I enjoy, I work, I should not have to work in Runescape to manage to play with it. I dont understand % of gamers are currently playing this game, its a complete mystery. They despise playing Runescapethey want everything easier, they hate skills, they hate quests, they hate how they interact with everything, they need 1000 updates to ironman before they can enjoy ironman.

As an Ironman, I really do get annoyed how much we are catered to by updates. Because it made me think outside of the box, I enjoyed the battle of Ironman. I've been on a break for several months. I do not really follow the updates too closely so I'm dreading the day that I find out they ruined my UIM by catering to the manner too much. Yep, I admire people like you, ironman shouldnt be for everyone, it isnt for everyone. It stinks that something gets normiefied and therefore destroyed, if people need all these alterations to make OSRS gold For Sale ironman great they can simply play routine acc and pick the restrictions themselves.
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