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По умолчанию Great myCareer thought

Great myCareer thought

You should NBA MT Coins be able to give your teammates highfives and things. In my teammate dunks on LeBron I need to be able to get my own player emote positively. You should also have the ability to yell from your teammates, such as:"shoot that next time" or"I was receptive""stay home in your guy""article that man up" etc etc etc.. If you consistently yell for a guy to play out of his match, such as: telling a non shooter to take or a bad defender to quit letting men go by themyour teammate chemistry with that player ought to go down and vice versa in case you're consistently encouraging them.

This is a fantastic idea, perhaps you could use a headset it would be tough to implement but would be amazing. To me literally being able to say"nice pass" or even"nice defense" goes a very long way. They could do it plus They can either do this using voice commands the way rocket league does it, with the pad. This makes a dynamic, personal relationship that the pre-made cutscenes simply can't accomplish. While being nice encourages teammates to stay with the staff if you a jerk teammates need to be able to request trades away from you.

Can't agree more. My first construct for every 2K I attempt to have as much of a career as possible, so I usually play with at least 2-3 seasons and having an actual story or being able to interact with other players more would be a dream. Building friendships and rivalries with whoever you want and having the ability to begin a fight, becoming ejected or visiting someone go nuts will be so entertaining. And should the commentators wouldn't tell me their life story but actually comment on NBA 2K21 such as COMMENTators are supposed to, then the entire MyCareer would feel really dynamic, enjoyable and even offers replayability, instead of just grinding your new construct and using an avg. Of 75/25/15 every match with Shaq congratulating me in my dual double.

Ive always thought that you should have more interactions with your teammates on the court. Fantastic idea. For example following a shot is made by a teammate an and one in the event that you run or walk them up it plays with a cartoon occasionally. It brings the immersion to another level. Consistently I would love if we could help up teammates I do not think I have ever seen that occur. I have been helped up by opposing players after they foul me but Buy 2K21 MT never a teammate.How about not letting money is spent by the nephew on VC?
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