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По умолчанию Animal Crossing New Horizons did away with this benefit

While others Animal Crossing Bells are completely indifferent about the Joyful Home Academy is one element of this game that a number of fans like. Put simply, they rate your home's overall décor each Saturday, meaning you will receive a positive/snarky letter out of them along with your'evaluation' each weekend. Furniture pieces are being matched by one. Matching sets score quite highly, so look at trying to finish sets (which could be simpler during special events such as Bunny Day). Even in the event that you disregard the HHA's random'principles,' complete furniture sets --together with the matching wallpaper and floors -- only appear neat and organised, flow perfectly, and exude each Animal Crossing enthusiast's internal obsessive collector.

You have probably applied the real-life principles of feng shui before, if you are a committed Animal Crossing interior designer. Here's how it works: Feng Shui is the art of carefully choosing and positioning particular pieces of furniture, in a manner that permits positive energy to flow and enter around the house. Since the Animal Crossing Wiki clarifies this brings luck and prosperity to people who live at the home, which translated into the player's"luck with finding Bells or items" (but only the principal area of the house was changed ).

Sadly, Animal Crossing New Horizons did away with this benefit, but the concept still applies in the game (and still boosts your HHA score( in almost any room in the home this time around). Put what you have to do is accumulate'points' by matching the colors of your furniture into the colors of the tiles in the picture above.

As we have mentioned, players are free to dismiss the scoring of the HHA. Animal Crossing is about indulging your own unique taste and flair. Still, a great deal the things that score highly (like simply keeping your furniture facing the ideal way in a space ) are entirely intuitive.As we've pointed out from our comprehensive manual to HHA scoring, there are other factors that really benefit the overall design of a house, whether you're pursuing those HHA things or not. Elevation (items in addition to tables or on walls are far more points than people put on the floor) is an important thing to consider. Themed items which are not especially of the same set (such as ones which use blossoms or the numerous pieces of fruit furniture) work really well too.

This is a theory that you can go wild with. Players choose to have rooms, like a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so forth. Others move somewhat... well, beyond that. The fact is, there is such an amount of furniture items. The important thing is that you tastes and tailor rooms for your own personality.

When you finally got those first couple of loans paid off, you might have been frustrated to see that the new rooms to the left and right are a fantastic deal bigger than your completely updated main room. That is just the way the cookie crumbles and we have got to make the best of it. Later on, you'll find that your story area and your basement are a lot bigger. This signifies is that, if you're planning something or'more busy,' those rooms may be much better suited to the occupation. Your side rooms are... well, just that, so plan something that buy Animal Crossing Items you can achieve in a smaller space for these rooms, without things getting cramped (the HHA hate that)!
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